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Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)

A standardised multiple-choice examination assessing the practical application of medical knowledge, reminiscent of PLAB1, comprises two papers, each accommodating a hundred single best answer questions. Nationally devised, it is locally administered under rigorous examination protocols.
This is a single on-screen exam sat over two consecutive days. Both papers must be sat in this time window. It will be held globally four times a year.
The Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) constitutes a 200-item evaluation segregated into two papers.

AKT Overview

An indicative blueprint delineates the distribution of items across distinct clinical practice areas. Each paper is structured to encompass a minimum number of items allocated to specific domains, summing up to 50 in total. For instance, Paper 1 may incorporate between 2 and 12 items pertaining to ophthalmology solely or distribute six items each across ophthalmology and dermatology. Similarly, Paper 2 might include six items dedicated to breast-related topics and six items pertaining to medical ethics and law.

While each item is explicitly assigned to a singular clinical practice area, its relevance may extend to multiple domains contingent upon the specific details presented. For instance, a scenario involving meningitis in a child may be pertinent to infection, child health, neurosciences, or dermatology, depending on the intricacies of the case.

The practice papers (for educational use) are in pdf form and comes with and without the answer options.
We would like to recognise the contribution of medical schools/council, and members of the AKT Exam Board in particular, in producing these practice papers.