Upcoming Dates for PLAB 1 8 aug 7 nov 20 feb

Upcoming Dates for PLAB 1 8 aug 7 nov 20 feb

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Flash Cards

High yields Flash Cards designed and prepared by experts in a concise and logical flow to approach each essential topic of the required clinical categories to supplement and reinforce your learning.
Using our smart high-quality flash cards enhances both the efficiency and effectiveness of your learning process.

1. Active Recall and Reinforcement

Our Flash cards promote active recall, a powerful learning technique where you actively stimulate memory during the learning process. This method helps strengthen neural connections and enhances long-term retention of information.

2. Focused and Efficient Learning

Our Flash cards allow you to concentrate on one concept at a time, making it easier to absorb and understand complex medical topics. This focused approach is more efficient than passive reading, as it prevents cognitive overload.

3. Customised Learning Experience

Our High-quality flash cards can be tailored to your individual learning needs. You can select cards that focus on areas where you need the most improvement, allowing for a personalised study experience.

4. Engaging and Interactive

Our Flash cards often include visual aids, such as diagrams, images, and coluor-coding, which make learning more engaging and help improve memory retention.

5. Facilitates Spaced Repetition

Our Flash cards are ideal for spaced repetition, a learning technique where information is reviewed at increasing intervals to combat the forgetting curve. Spaced repetition has been proven to enhance long-term memory retention.

6. Self-Assessment and Immediate Feedback

Using our flash cards allows for immediate self-assessment. You can quickly test your knowledge and get instant feedback, helping you identify areas where you need further review and reinforcement.

7. Collaborative Learning

Our Flash cards can also be used in group study sessions, where peers can quiz each other. This collaborative approach can enhance understanding through discussion and explanation of difficult concepts.


Incorporating our high-quality flash cards into your study routine can significantly enhance your understanding by promoting active recall, providing a focused and personalised learning experience, and facilitating long-term retention through spaced repetition. Their convenience, versatility, and ability to provide immediate feedback make them an invaluable resource for any medical student or professional aiming to achieve academic and clinical excellence.

There is a £10 One-Off Purchase.