Upcoming Dates for PLAB 1 8 aug 7 nov 20 feb

Upcoming Dates for PLAB 1 8 aug 7 nov 20 feb

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Plab1/AKT Revision Course

We firmly believe that the most effective way to prepare for your PLAB1 AKT exam is through revision sessions with experts who have an in-depth understanding of the exam structure and content. By studying with seasoned professionals, you can gain the insights and strategies needed to tackle the exam with confidence. There is an abundance of incorrect recalls, flawed keys, and poorly written explanations circulating among candidates. Our mission is to help you navigate past these pitfalls, ensuring you are equipped with accurate and reliable information. Our approach will show you how to face the exam confidently and competently.

What's Included in Our Programme

Expert Educators: Our Question Bank is meticulously crafted by seasoned educators with special expertise in the PLAB / AKT exams.

Crucial Exam Topics: We focus on the most frequently asked questions in the PLAB exam, ensuring that you concentrate on areas with the highest impact.

Resolved Controversial Questions: We provide definitive answers to commonly debated questions, clarifying any uncertainties you might have.

Engaging and Comprehensive Lectures: Our lectures are interactive and detailed, grounded in the most recent UK guidelines to keep you updated with current standards.

Avoiding Common Errors: Learn how to avoid typical errors and misunderstandings that can detract from your exam performance.

Exclusive WhatsApp Group: You will have access to a dedicated WhatsApp group that includes course tutors, fostering a supportive community for ongoing discussion and clarification.

Ultimate MOCK Exam: Challenge yourself with our Ultimate MOCK exam, comprising 180 new questions not found in the Question Bank, to test your knowledge comprehensively.

By joining our programme, you are investing in a comprehensive and expert-led preparation strategy that will empower you to succeed in your PLAB1 / AKT exam.

Next set of revision course dates to be announced soon.

Cost:  £99 per person per course