Upcoming Dates for PLAB 1 8 aug 7 nov 20 feb

Upcoming Dates for PLAB 1 8 aug 7 nov 20 feb

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We are focused on creating a professional yet collaborative atmosphere to support your learning journey. Our primary objective is to enhance your chances of success of PLAB and AKT exam preparation. We offer clear explanations for challenging PLAB and AKT questions, ensuring that we do not overwhelm you with extraneous information, thereby maximising your chances of success. Additionally, we facilitate the formation of WhatsApp study groups based on exam location and date, promoting collaborative learning through the exchange of information and study materials.

Our revision guides meticulously cover essential topics, emphasising key points crucial for the exams, akin to a comprehensive textbook but with added focus and efficiency. These guides are perfect for those who prefer an in-depth review before tackling practice questions.

Join our Question Bank today to access category-specific practice questions, timed mock exams, revision guides, and dedicated study groups.


We offer comprehensive preparation for PLAB / AKT and CPSA. Our resources (thousands of high yield questions and answers and medical scenarios) are produced by university professors, senior consultants, NHS trained colleagues and those successful medical graduates and doctors who have passed the exams and working in the NHS health careers. Gain access to thousands of  high yield scenario based questions with detailed explanations for the PLAB Part 1 exam and the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) through web or our dedicated app.

Subscription: £9.99 for 3 months

Please note each subscription is valid for as many attempts as you need within the subscription period. No extra fee for re-setting your dashboard.